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 In urban areas, unlike in rural areas, lethal management is not the primary method for controlling coyotes for a variety of reasons, including laws prohibiting discharging a firearm within municipal boundaries and the urban public’s generally low tolerance for killing wildlife. Moreover, the long-term efficacy of lethal coyote management is questionable regardless of where it is implemented. Thus, an assortment of non-lethal management practices are emphasized in urban areas, especially hazing coyotes. Hazing involves any variety of tactics to scare a coyote away from humans in order to re-instill fear of humans in coyotes. Although hazing coyotes is frequently and commonly suggested as an effective non-lethal management technique, there is no research to support the effectiveness of this management recommendation in terms of changing coyote behavior toward humans and domestic pets 

This documentary will provide us with the opportunity to develop a tool that will allow for an increase in extension capacity. This capacity will extend outreach through websites, specified video channels, social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) along with the added benefit of being used for training and seminars.

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